January 5, 2011
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Next the Screen Lights up,
Faces illuminate with adventure.
Minds dive into a fantasy world,
Where anything is possible.
Mouths are filled with buttery popcorn
And possibly sugar-filled candy.
Ears are filled with the tone drilling sounds of exploration.
Hands tremble, either out of thrill, excitement, or fear.
Fear that the character with haunted dreams will not survive,
Excitement to see the next troubled citizen rescued by a superhero,
Thrill to view the next car explode.

They fill us,
With unexplainable emotions, feelings, sensations.
All for a small fee,
Ranging from One to Ten dollars,
You can get experience these eye-popping, seat jumping, nightmare causing adventures.
You paid from 100 to 1000 pennies for your whole seat,
But you will only need the edge.

The astonishing, priceless event,
That helps us escape from reality,
Is simply called a motion picture.

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