Can We Be

January 5, 2011
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Hey what’s up
I’ve been thinking about you lately
and I know it sounds crazy
but I want you to be my lady

This is hard to understand
But you want to be my man?
I just don’t know how you can
with all this land in between us
It would all be built on trust

Yes yes I know this is a must
But true love will never rust
We just need to keep the spark

Spark alone won’t hold us together
We need something that lasts forever
Life out there is way to hard
Making love easy to tear apart

No please don’t think so negative
ok so love gets a little repetitive
but me and you can bare through it
If we put our minds to it I know that we can do it

I don’t doubt we can make it
I just don’t want to be broken
And I will pour my heart open
This thing we have will come to an end
And I’ll be back to just having a friend

Well it’s too late now I’ve fallen over heels
Then again I’m thinking this can’t be real
Do I really want to see what’s inside you
I think I do but I’m obviously being lied to
But I honestly think you’re the sweetest
And this is not because of your cleavage

How could you fall for someone like me
You should just get up and leave
A girl with the broken heart
It’s been shattered and torn apart
Go ahead and leave like the rest
I’m tired of life and its god dam tests

Who are you getting mad at I’m only trying to help
I hope it’s not me because I’m only saying what I felt
I can’t change the feelings that are in me
I only wanted you to know that you’re my envy
Don’t confuse me with them other boys
I can honestly say that you are my angle joy

I’m sorry, I know you care
But to me life was never really fare
It’s just hard to believe those feelings are real
And I’m scared to tell you how I feel
This thing inside me is hard to understand
Maybe it’s time for this love thing to come to an end.

to every end there is a beginning
If this love ends it will start again
Don’t you see love is an everlasting cycle
Even if we run off it I will still like you
I’m love sick baby just check my vitals

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