January 5, 2011
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Martin L. King, amazing how he fought against slavery
he spoke out publicly with his "I Have a Dream" Bravely.
Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali, Kanye West, Jane Goodall,
they all shine brighter than Twinkle Twinkle and Rudolph.
I don't think I have ever seen Shawn White loose
even thou Michel Jackson is dead he forever is cool.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only president voted more than twice
Rosa Parks refused her seat we should all sit and take her advice
George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy
these presidents had a vision that will live on for infinity

Mount Everest, Amazing
Animals roaming the earth
Roses growing on top of the dirt
Egypt amazing how they built complex structures
Greece, Romans, Aztecs and other past cultures
The Middle Ages to The Renaissance, B.C. to A.D.
English, Reading, Literature, Math, and History
Rap, Rock, Country, and all other forms of poetry.

America, amazing:
how we came from land ruled by one race,
to a thriving multicultural place.
Earth, amazing:
the most beautiful planet in the system,
blooming with forests
and so many secrets within them.
God, amazing:
he made a whole world in 6 days
so that little boys and girls could play
and so that we could worship and pray.

Joyce Kimble, amazing
Karen A. King, amazing

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