January 5, 2011
My memories of fright

take flight in the night.

I can feel myself drowning

slowly sinking.

All air being choked out

by the tears,

I've kept in a bottle by my heart

all these years.

The happiness that warms me by day

monsters within my head

crulely chase it away.

Cold, shaking

Darkness always closes in.

The feeling of my heart breaking

Slowly moves its way through my clothes,

into my skin, seeping into my blood

spreading throughout my whole body.

Ice cold joints aching,

white-hot fire, agony seering in my veins.

Fingers so cold i cannot clench my hands

against the pain.

The edges of images of you fade,

being distorted by fear

of being left to become what i dream. . .

Transluscant skin

Lice ridden hair

Blood stained wrists

and tattered clothes

With a beating heart

laying, struggling at my feet.

Not alive but not dead


So everytime i scream

its from waking of a dream

where you left me

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