An Ocean of Creation

January 5, 2011
We all have our own opinions on how the Universe came to be
Some say that we came here by chance
Others say we were made for a purpose
That something great was made out of darkness
By an individual who is merciful and mighty
An individual we know as God ---
This has always been and always will be the answer to the creation of the Ocean

He created the animals of all shapes and size --- each with its own identity and song to sing
He created the land with all kinds of plants and fresh water
He created the sun to give light to the darkest shadows
He created the moon and it white light of silent reverence
But most of all he created the ocean, where life is sustained to the fullest, with her white sand beaches ---
Where lit’ patters of feet and screams of delight could be heard on hot summer days
Where small fish find refuge from predators, in colorful corals
Where white-capped waves play on the shores of each land it surrounds filling the air with its salty spray
Where slick, gray dolphins ride the waves calling to their friends, mates, and calves
Where the most feared and respected predators makes its home --- the great white shark
In its own way and time, He made all things bright and beautiful

He made the seagulls, whose call is self-worshiping for it sounds like ‘me, me, me’
He made the strong and mighty eagles that feed on the fish in the surface when it is sunbathing at noon
He made the eye catching eloquent rocky cliffs, whose crags are occupied with the homes of sea birds
He made the heart-warming and calming sunset with its cool night colors of purple, blue, red, and orange
He made the glorious and joyful sunrise with its bright morning colors of yellow, pink, and lavender
He made the storms that infest the oceans that navigation is nigh impossible
He made the surrounding the tall palm trees, with coconuts for ornaments, that line the shores
He made the bright blue skies that gray when storms hit the ocean’s calm waves
He made it all out of nothing but darkness

Oceans are filled with deep trenches filled with mysteries yet to be discovered by man
Like why they have mountains and volcanoes?
Or how deep is the ocean?
Or how do certain fish survive the cold depths of the ocean and others don’t?
Or how crabs and other creatures survive on the shallow ends?
Or how much life does the ocean sustain before things start to die out?
Or how much life can we take out of it before things start to die out?
There will always be answers in this lifetime and some we will keep searching for
For the mysteries deep down are innumerous and will be revealed time and time again
Yet we will still search for what is obviously right under our noses
As if our life isn’t mysterious enough
The ocean is always fascinating for its beauty and mystery --- understood only by God himself

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