January 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Hurry..someone help me, please,
There's a monster in my mirror and its trying to break free
I see anger in her eyes, her smile spells deceit
The voice that echoes from inside her bears a fiery heat
The monster in my mirror is trying to escape
I kind of feel sorry for her, her pitiful helpless fate
My monster in the mirror, looks a lot like me
I stare in wonder at her..what should I believe?
She is pleading for my aid..but is she leading me astray?
She reaches out toward me
Screaming for escape
Tears fall from her tormented eyes
As the mirror begins to break
I place my hand upon the glass
I give the monster what she asks
Complete control, unstoppable
This surely could end in disaster
But one thing I know is true
I am safe within my monster
But I'm not so sure about the rest of you.

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