I'm Falling

January 5, 2011
By Smurphy10 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
Smurphy10 BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Forget the past. Live the present, and look forward to the future." -Myself

Help I’m falling
I’ve fallen into this deep abyss
You’ve pushed me down
With your strong current of words
Leaving me looking up towards the crystal surface
Staring at the shimmering rays of sunlight
Dance across my skin
As I’m falling deeper down your uncertain abyss

I wasn’t expecting this
I didn’t ask for this
It took me by surprise
But I saw your alluring white sandy beach and
Your sun how it kissed my skin everywhere
I wasn’t so lonely sitting there
Staring at your sunset
As our lives set with it.

Help I’m drowning
In your room filled with ginger bread candles
In your base clef sixteenth notes
Dancing around my head
Your presence
It drowns me

I didn’t know how to react
Meeting the people closest to you
The very people that know you
Inside and out
I feel out of place
Like I’m walking on glittering shades of glass
Will I say the wrong thing?
Will they hate me like all the others?
These waters
They’re infested with sharks.

Help I’m suffocating
By the sweet words that you whisper to me
The way your salt water touches me everywhere
Like the indecisive waves upon the surface
They’re beautiful and dangerous
It’s taking my breath away

Sometime I fall into the darkest depths of your sea
Other times everything is crystal clear
I cry and scream when I’m in the deep dark parts
Can’t help to smile when I see everything so clear
These moments I’ll never forget
These moments are surrounded by you
We share them together
In this unpredictable sea of wonders

Help I’ve fallen
I’ve been falling for a year now
I can’t stop it
You know I’ve been falling
But so have you
So it’s okay
It’s not so scary anymore
Me falling for you

I’m scared of this sea
But some of my greatest moments happened here
Even though I’m still scared
I’m excited to see where I’ll drift.
This beautiful sea of darkness and clearness
It’s worth every minute of my life
Here with you

I have truly fallen

The author's comments:
It's one of my first poems as a senior and my relationship is what truly inspired me.

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