January 5, 2011
By Princesssdez SILVER, Canton, Massachusetts
Princesssdez SILVER, Canton, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Actions speaks louder thank words......
childhood best friends stays in your life forever, high school and middle school best friends tend to leave and solemnly stays permanently, college best friends are their but the ones who stays are your lifetime

Thoughts running through my mind
a mile a minute
with no notice of where to begin
the whistle has blown
the race has started but
the finish line is nowhere to be found
my heart keeps pumping blood through my veins
the dehydrations of giving up is something
is what my lungs is screaming for.
The sidebars whispers push it to the limit
Which is what?
I’m striding my way through this course
When I should sprint
To the words that sprinkles out of my mouth
as some of the oxygen slither
into my lungs
Sweat spread across my body
Of the lies I been consume of
The issues with both sides of my family
is something a mediator
needs to do with one person
to the next one
its like the flu
the cure is there but no one
is willing to make that 1st step to say
we need to be one again
like a family should
all this i unnecessary needs to leave
to which no one has did
the past is the past
the confusion is not what I can understand
by what I know
I learn to see it more
Of what I see of what’s happening
and say which confirms the meaning
of how I feel

The author's comments:
its another 1 how i feel bout my dad and something in general

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