your still standing

January 5, 2011
The countless memories we have together is hard to bear
Laughter of insiders
We have is another language we have
The bond we have was like no other
We may fight like brother sister
But that’s what I called you
My sister
My brother
You know all my secrets
You know my faults
You know my strengths
If a fight was coming my way your right at my side
Like a best friend should
Yet you still love me for no matter how annoying I can be
You're still standing
Of all the gossip we talk bout
Of all the guys we droll over
Of all the sleepovers we have
Of all the advices we given
to one another when we have a issue, a problem
the day we met is the footprint of
our journey together
the dramas we have together and that is around us
made our relationship stronger
betrayal is never the thought of what you would do to me,
never occurs to me
that’s why your trust to me is a tight rope that strings from you to me
that’s why the handcuffs between us locks our bond
we tell each other everything
that’s what best friends do
we remember the tiny things about one another
we remember the big things about one another
no one may understand why were friends
but we know why,
some people may understand why were best friends
and they would know why
if we were separated for unconstrained years to come
we can restart where we left off.
The fights of in those years take time but we still love one another.
Yet you’re still standing
That’s what best friends are for

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