Happy New Year

January 3, 2011
My hands are tied.
I cannot tell you how hard I have tried,
trying to unlock the doors of my eyes-
but I cannot fuel your fire
because of how much exhaustion I have acquired.
This venom I have been drinking is not
full of bane or blight that makes me bite
Only lethargy that does not have the
structure to bring me through the night,
and these are only the later symptoms.
Earlier I built a kingdom
made of warmth and ardor
that made me burst with youthful feelings
and only took me farther
past these retired 365 days
that I cannot wait to say goodbye to
along with the coterie containing all of you,
with your similar seeing hues
of greens and blues.
And I feel fine,
because of the reflected Spring in my eyes.
Our mirrored images
carry so much contrast
but our affiliation’s forecast
only brings the sun’s scintillant rays-
no more empty grays,
only colors that stain our skin
after swimming in
pools of polychromasia
and this will all seem
just like a dream
after tomorrow’s amnesia
eating at my memories.

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