I'm slipping away

January 3, 2011
By BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
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Why am I trying to pick a fight;
start this war that I don’t even wanna join,

It seems I’m just losing my mind, slipping away;
Loosening my grip on reality, it seems

Everything I say, I second guess,
And take it back a second later,

Everyday I go home and cry,
When I don’t even know the reason as to why,

And when I look in the mirror,
I don’t understand a thing about the person looking back,

Nothing makes sense anymore,
I’m just mad, mad at everything,
Or am I just plain mad?

And most of all why do I keep throwing everything at you,
When you did nothing,
Why do I feel like I’m always trying to push you away lately?
You, possibly the only person who can save me from this living hell.

Now I’m on my knees,
Tears flowing from my eyes,
Begging god, someone, anyone…
To give me an answer.

Why won’t I let you help me?
Why can’t I help me?
What even is wrong with me?

Just help me

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