to daddy

January 3, 2011
By , Detroit, MI
he drops his suitcase on the floor,
she knows her daddy won't be back anymore.
she screams "daddy please don't leave me,"
"i need you can't you see."
mommy's saying things she don't mean,
if you stay the house will stay clean.
now she hasn't slept in weeks,
it's her dads love that she seeks.
she screams in her sleep"daddy please don't leave me,"
"i need you here with me, can't you see?"
mommy please don't let him go,
im begging you so.
i'll clean my room and try hard in school,
i'll be good i promise you.
she don't want to close her eyes,
he said he would come back, but it was a lie.
she drags her feet across the floor,
to stop him she piled boxes in front of the door.

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