A Dance We Call Life

January 2, 2011
When you see me in the hall, do you really look at me?
When you sneer at me in disgust,
did you really give me a chance?
If I were to disappear, would you care enough to grieve?
if I were to run away, would try to leave this dance?

This dance we call life simply wheels us about
The dance has sudden dips and thrusts
This dance goes on carelessly and never seems to doubt
But this dance causes us humans angers, greed, lusts

What will happen when we're all gone?
Will we ever know the outcomes of our dances, or is it not to be?
But how will our names and dances live on?
The dance lets us go, unfaithfully

We fall far without light, just dark
No obvious way to escape this treacherous place
I see indents where other people left their nail marks
Before I scream, I cover my face

A shriek so bloodied escapes my lips
But no one is around to save this damsel in distress
Nothing can be done for me as the scene flips
And I disappear into nothingness.

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