January 2, 2011
By Savannah Bosch BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
Savannah Bosch BRONZE, Bradenton, Florida
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You know that feeling,

That feeling when the world feels like its crumbling,

And it starts to feel like its shattering beneath your feet,

When you try to hold on and be strong,

But your mind takes over,

And makes words flood out of your mouth,

Words of confusion and regret,

Your mind is full of powerful hatred,

But when you try to listen to your heart you just can't,

Because you're heart feels like its destroyed and weak inside,

So you do the thing you know how to do best,

You give up,

You walk away from the mess you've left behind,

Regretting everything you've done,

Because in the end you think it's worth it,

But it's not,

Because the thing you didn't realize is you've left a part of you,

And that part of you is irreplaceable

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