Heart of Hearts

January 2, 2011
By HaleyJakobson BRONZE, Mount Kisco, New York
HaleyJakobson BRONZE, Mount Kisco, New York
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You are lovely, my Heart of Hearts
But you are broken and unkempt
I see you beat feverishly
Growing breathless with each attempt
Let me tend to your swollen wounds,
Let me smooth each jagged scar,
Let me fill every gaping hole,
With tenderness and tar.
With my hand against your heart,
I’ll press the sticky paste,
Do not fear and shy away,
Each cut I will erase
I will stay - hand on heart -
With fingers pressed against the glue
I will not let go, my Heart of Hearts
Til it dries with residue
And how my heart will swell
To see that yours has healed
It pulses now with rhythmic bliss,
The cracks have all been sealed
Salted tears will fall
But through them I will see
Who is your Heart of Hearts?
My heart says that it is me.
Your hand, it rises, gingerly
To press the patch concealing something known
The hand belonging to my Heart of Hearts,
Begins to touch it’s own

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