January 2, 2011
By ASongInTheSky SILVER, Hamilton, Montana
ASongInTheSky SILVER, Hamilton, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
don't jump off a cliff, unless you want to. Friendship is like peeing your pants, everone can see it but only you get the warm feeling that it brings.

Friend’s perspective:
My Boy:
I love your dark brown flowing hair,
I love your golden eyes that stare,
At the one thing they desire most,
A girl with him with love in host,
A boy I see,
With stupid thoughts,
But yet I love him,
Worth any cost,

My perspective:
An ignorant child,
Who has no rules,
Only to live and do as do,
A dark skinned child who has no brain,
He stole my friend’s heart,
And earned his name,
A jerk.

The author's comments:
This is a tru article.... my friend loves this dark brown haired, dark skinned, golden eyed boy who always breaks her heart but runs back to her and replays his heart breaking over a thousand times and she still can't let go of him.... to me he's a stupid ignrant jerk who needs to get over himself....

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