Growth in loss

January 2, 2011
By 2drdave3 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2drdave3 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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[E]motions are things that sadly are subject more to fate and consequence than to choice. I can tell you, however, that love is not exclusively a romantic aspect and that unconditional love between friends who care about and support one another can be enjoyed even when traditional romantic feelings are absent.

Chilling air spread itself
through the open window.
And if you think to take a look,
you’ll find a gentle hello.

For as warm air that you’ve nurtured,
grows from outside wind,
it will, by time, slowly turn
and no longer stay within.

All that is and all that can,
comes together calling out.
And any who wish to see the scene,
would be glad to feel the air.

The hot and cold no longer are.
What was once no longer is.
The hot and cold have come together,
All that’s left is to reminisce.

The author's comments:
My window was open.

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