Forgotten Memories

December 18, 2010
By ticklemetiff BRONZE, Sikeston, Missouri
ticklemetiff BRONZE, Sikeston, Missouri
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A worn out picture, torn around the edges,memories that were forgotten about long ago pushed aside and now stored in the back of your mind.But as you gaze upon these images, it feels like your going back in time, and it's so hard to pull away. You just want to go back then when things were easy, no worries, no stress. Remembering the feeling of summer heat on your head and the street beneath your feet, remembering all your pals who are now all grown and gone,those winters of snowangels and huge snowchairs, going back inside for a hot drink after your freezing head to toe. Those are the times you want to remember the most. But as each day goes by the memories become dimmer, luckily you still have that torn picture.

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