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December 23, 2010
By ginger6520 GOLD, Mariposa, California
ginger6520 GOLD, Mariposa, California
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Favorite Quote:
Your soul is like bread unleavened
Your soul belongs to the Lord of Heaven

White is like fresh soft sand on a tropical island,
It is soft and pure,
Like no other sand you have seen or felt before,
White is a bunny very pure and innocent,
This white bunny is kind and loving,
Representing innocence, purity, and new beginnings are white roses.
Pink is like a sunrise,
Beautiful and dangerous all at the same time,
Pink could be a butterfly,
Free to explore all of nature,
Pink is a rose,
It stands grace and elegance,
A pink rose gives a very gentle meaning to many things.
Red is like a sunset,
A mix of a few colors,
Dark mysterious colors,
Red, the color of blood,
The meaning of life or death,
Red is also the color of love,
A red rose a sign of is love and romance,
Most girls love red roses, especially if they are from their special someone.
Orange is as bright as fire,
Often not a favorite,
Orange is a bright coal,
Very, very hot all over,
Orange roses are desire and enthusiasm,
They are like a bridge of friendship and love,
They are like a mix of yellow and red roses.
Yellow is as bright as the Sun,
Not quite as dark as the Moon,
Yellow makes my day brighter,
But it may make someone else a little too bright,
Yellow is my favorite color,
Because yellow is not very mellow,
A bright yellow rose is a sign of friendship and innocence,
Those very special yellow roses may be for a best-friend or even mom.
Green is the color of grass,
It only sometimes fades,
Green is leaves on the trees, leaves on a bush,
But green is only special to few,
Green is another one of my favorite colors,
Because green is a sign of nature,
Green is all around us everyday.
Blue is like the sky is can be light or dark,
It is also like sadness it can change from lighter to darker,
Sometimes the ocean is a lovely blue,
Sometimes a blue-green,
But depending on the color,
The water always has different feelings,
Blue roses do not exist in nature,
But they do exist in fantasy.
Purple is an amethyst jewel,
With some color,
But some color very soft,
Purple could be a hummingbird,
Busy and enjoying life,
A purple rose captures not only your heart,
But it also captures your imagination.

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