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December 31, 2010
you are a terrible listener
you wouldn't even notice
if I just stopped talking
no, you would just keep whispering into the silence
for once
that I wanted to hear it
but you would spill your soul to empty air
and I would laugh to myself
because I wouldn't mind
because your words wouldn't rip me apart
snip me in two
like they used to
I would laugh to myself
because I could go talk to someone else
anyone else
and you have no one to talk to
but the empty silence that I left for you
and I could, for once, talk to someone
who is not as terrible as a listener
as myself
I guess we both need to practice our listening
our caring
our selflessness
maybe we could get together sometime
and try it out
but no
because we both know
things don't work like that

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