My Blood, My Breath...My God...

December 31, 2010
By Whatserface BRONZE, San Jose, California
Whatserface BRONZE, San Jose, California
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My blood runs thin
my blood runs deep.
And you can see it run through my cherry lips
on cold cold days.
And sometimes you can see it in my cheeks
on those same bitter nights.

And when the blue moon dies down
you can see my breath come out,
short and quick.
And the silver light on your skin,
makes me feel so at home.

The fog on the sleeping hills
reaps in everything we had over the summer.

The snow that fell on the bustling city
has long melted
Our long coats with it.
Now with hardly anything on

I breath slowly.

My skin is raw,
my skin is melting
down my spine,
through your fingers.

On silent nights I can hear my heart murmer.
Beating in its own way,
messy and quick,
my blood doesn't know which way to go.

But it runs thin
and it runs deep.

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