Sins of War

December 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Life frought with desire
Life without wings
What is life
without these things

Forever we are chained
To this glistening ground
Continuously hearing
The screams going around

If life was this
Then i shall not live
In such a world where only death
Is my only wish

The cries are sharp
And the guns scream afire
While the night grows old
Dressed in ancient attire
The heat of the battle
Is all we need
And blood will spill
On this ground
As the cold bites our hands
Reminding us
Of our bitter sins

But Dear Lord
Please tell me
What have we got
In this relentless war

Is this thing called life
All that is worth fighting for?

Heaven above, hear our pleas
And set away our guns
For even the sun grows weary
Of the night that has become eerie
And only by the hands of our people
Can we be released from these,
Iron chains

But as the sky grows tired
The darkness sweeps in
Bringing soft rains
That drench our darkest sins
Cold hands moving
Guns firing
People dying

This is war
A life without a life
A bird without wings
We are broken
And so our chains are the knife
Pressed against our backs
Pushing and Pushing
Til all that is left is light

From the darkest of nights
So close
As we gaze from above
And the war goes on and on.........

The author's comments:
really deep thinking and inspiration from history teacher

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