Rebounding Bestfriend .

December 31, 2010
By OliviaOriginal BRONZE, VineGrove, Kentucky
OliviaOriginal BRONZE, VineGrove, Kentucky
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Favorite Quote:
Dont loose track of who you are just because its easier to be somebody else.

I Know I Broke Your Heart;
And Let You Go.

But Rebounding On Her ?
Come On , Thats Low.

You Should Know Better;
Shes My Bestfriend.

Your Just Lying To Her, Using Her ;
Its All Pretend .

Is Your Plan Of Making Me Jealous ?
To Tell You The Truth Its Pretty Pathetic .

But Go Ahead, Take Her;
Take My BestFriend .

Take Her Down That Path;
That Path Of Pretend.

Let Her Play Your Game;
Your Game Hurt.

You See;
You Already Got Her Faliing.

Shes Falling Fast .

Are You Gonna Catch Her;
Before She Slips From Your Grasp?

No, Of Course Your Not

i Tried Telling Her;
But YOu Sure Got Her Fooled.

Resulting ;
You Win.

I Just Lost My Bestfriend ;
The End.

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