Secret Lover

December 30, 2010
Dear Secret Lover;
It Started With, How Do You Do ?

Just One Look;
I Know You Felt It Too.

We Became Great Friends;
But Theres Something More.

The Way You Look At Me;
Instead Of Her.

Before I Knew It;
I Was Falling Fast .

Oh Anything , Oh Anything;
To Make This Last .

You Stole My Heart;
And You Knew It Too .

This Wasnt Teenage Lust;
It Was Something True.

So I Waited, And Waited;
But Nothing Came.

Soon Reality Hit Me;
I Was Just PLaying Your Game.

So Oh, Secret Lover,
You See This Needs To End.

Our Chemistry Is There;
But She Wins You Instead.

Secret Lover,
iM Done, I Give Up.

This Is Goodbye, Farewell, So Goodluck.

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