Reach Out A Hand

December 30, 2010
By Tawny GOLD, Wichita, Kansas
Tawny GOLD, Wichita, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
"We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others" ~Helen Keller
"Look to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow" ~Helen Keller

Lend a helping hand,
Make someone smile
And take a stand.
Help the poor and
Help the weak,
Those with thoughts
That feel so bleak

Touch a life that
Feels so rough.
Ones of those who's
Lives are tough.
Take a stand,
Give your hand

Our world could
Be so great
If we would only
Each participate.
Just one small caring act
Can give a person
What before they lacked

Just one single action can
Fill a day with satisfaction.
To see someone smile
Makes it all worth while

Just show that you care,
Put someone out of despair;
Make the world a better place,
Give to the world and add some grace

To yourself you may ask,
Why should I take part in this task?
To learn the reason, open your mind,
And the answer you will find

Look to the center of a person,
And finally you will learn
Just why it's so important
To do a good turn

Though we may seem quite diverse,
We all add up to one. Every
Person in the universe

On the inside we are one;
One world, one place,
One kind, and one race

That is not just a belief.
The more people who realize that,
The more the world is given relief

Hopefully you will now see
That although we are each unique,
We are all equal and differences
Are no reason to critique

I hope this poem made
You think. I hope your
Prejudiced thoughts have
Disappeared, Or I hope at least
This made them shrink

Take a stand and reach out a hand

Race, religion, and disability,
Style, looks, and beliefs;
None of these really matter.
This is not a topic to smatter

I hope you remember in the end,
Don't fill your mind with
Hate and discrimination.
To everyone, just be a friend

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