January 5, 2011
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Seven hours of my day
Wasted behind the
Prison walls of an
Institution, that forces
Information down my throat
To compete with
A country thousands
Of miles away.
The information so
Rudely hurled at us
Is not relevant to the
Vast world that surrounds us
We should learn how to
Hold our own after
We are Released
Instead we learn about
An Englishman tucked away in a room
Writing about flowers
Who’s dead now.
We learn math that is only
Used in textbooks
And Maybe if you’re a
Rocket Scientist.
Point is, time is wasted
Learning things we will
NEVER need, instead
Of things we will actually use.
Ironic, seeing as we’ve been told
Since elementary school that
“You will use this later on.”
Yeah maybe next week, but
Never after that
Concluding, school really wants us
To fail after being freed,
While trying to make us look smart,
Failing with style
Or so they think.
This is High School.

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