Swimming In Three

January 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Swimming in Three
The cute tiny girl at swim practice,
Skips happily towards me in,
Her pink cap, pink goggles, and matching pink fin bag.
Sitting at the side of the pool,
Half of her in the water, half of her out
She tries to get used to the wet chill
Smiling, she says,
“Can I go halfway?”

The loud boy at swim practice,
Runs towards me in,
His plain blue suit,
His oversized dull white cap,
And his big clear goggles
Canon-ball into the pool
He turns and interrupts me,
“Excuse me! Excuse me! Why don’t I ever get to go first?”

The sweet, shy boy at swim practice,
Walks calmly towards me, with half a smile in
His slick black suit,
Cool orange cap,
And his regular pinkish orange goggles
Quietly placing his equipment on the wet deck
He lifts his head and say politely
“May I get in?”

I am all of them. We dread jumping into the cold water.
We try to buy the most comfortable and styling suites.
We all wish to one day we’d be in the front.
We all like to use our equipment,
Especially the fins.
We all want to get out of doing lots of work.
We all wish we could one day swim like,
Michael Phelps or Natalie Coughlin.
We all love new goggles,
Being able to see without them fogging up after one 25.
We all get stared at when we go out to eat,
Because we eat more then anyone else.
We all think we hate to swim
But in actuality we would drown without it.

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