January 5, 2011
A never ending spiral
A once upon a time
A Dirty Dish
Always left in the Grime
The Mistakes I’ve made
The People I’ve Hurt
I can’t stop this now
I can’t lift up the dirt
Whispers in ears
Songs in my mind
Of people alone
That I’ve Left Behind
I would say I’m Sorry
I would apologize
I would write a note a mile long
But I can’t Find You Now
I can’t find you Because Your Gone
So the places I’ve stabbed
I would say it was because I’m mad
But the truth is
There is no Excuse
I would feel Better
When you felt Worse
And Some Cuts are too deep
To even heel
Some leave Scars
Some Peel
Some Get Infected
And inflict Pain on others
But In the End
But when they heel
You had to go away
And it seems from all that cutting
My knuckles have been worn away
The Bandage is ripped
And my Shield is Gone
I kneel on the ground
Maybe this is what it’s like to feel

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