falling into place

January 5, 2011
By 1hpesoj1 BRONZE, Midland, Texas
1hpesoj1 BRONZE, Midland, Texas
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Falling into place
As I walked
The leaves danced like ballerinas across the forest floor
Years ago I was another person
Scared for life by a seemingly charming man who I once knew as stepfather

New mexico the enchanted land
My birth place
I was happier then
I was unafraid

But my parents got a divorce
My role model was gone
The man who raised me gone
Yet I still love him

My family was small
Just my mother ,sister and i
The blue house large enough for four
My sanctuary, invaded by a seemingly charming man

They dated for a short while
Then hurrried to get wed
The blue house now held six
My family ,him and his two kids

I was young and trusting
So I opened up a bit
Later on I knew I shouldn’t have
Not to him at least

Today is a lot like the one when the trouble began
A fall morning that carries surprising news
We were moving from the blue house my safe house and sanctuary
Away from friends and family

I was afraid to leave
But I eventualy I saw there was no way out
We left the next day
We left the blue house my sanctuary

For the next few months everything was fine
But soon things changed
The seemingly charming man who swept my mother off her feet
was full of hate and took it out on me

for two years I took the abuse
one fall day I did something wrong that put that man over the edge
I was bruised and scared when I called my mom
We left three days later my family and I with one new adition my baby brother

We moved to midland and lived with family
After a while we began to forget
We all think about him from time to time
That seemingly charming man who hurt our family

On days like today I just can not forget
Days where the wind wistles and the leaves dance
Days like the one we had enough
The time we were betrayed

We are happy now
Free from that seemingly charming man
Now our family will always be four
the happy family in the new house our true home.

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