Breathing Death

January 5, 2011
By Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
Jay Patrick PLATINUM, Albemarle, North Carolina
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Pretty monster dressed up in a womans disguise
I have fallen into the same grave all other men fall into
No longer will I look into your beguiling eyes,
but I will crawl from this grave into a world of new!

We may have climbed the tallest mountains of sorrow
Only to jump off the highest of the peaks
Hitting the ground but with a miracle we scantily survive for tomorrow
Sorry dear, it's your love's mystery I will nevermore seek

On sticks I've sailed the wrath of your stormy seas
to the other side of the world to happiness and her gates
With you, I become engulfed in melancholic waters, so i will never be
with you, its your fragile crystalline heart that breaks

A shattered heart you once exploited,
has been resurrected, and now it's yours
that is broken, ah! now you see clearly it is not a toy
let the world wash away your weary heart!
And tomorrow a new will await you on redemptions shores!

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