These Tight Ties

January 4, 2011
By Sayruh SILVER, Los Altos, California
Sayruh SILVER, Los Altos, California
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As everyone sleeps, I drive out into the night.
Out of reach and out of sight.
Filled with memories, images of the beloveds I have left behind.
Nothing takes more than the quick hands of time.
Though I no longer hurt, though I no longer cry,
The feeling of emptiness swamps me when they’re not nearby.
How it debilitates, how it impairs,
How, my soul, it wears.
Yet wonder and elation imbue my mind
When I see that distance has not redefined
The fidelity and commitment of these tight ties,
Because this love is not disguise.

The author's comments:
I moved from Washington to California a few years ago and miss home like crazy. I miss my friends dearly and each time I go visit, I'm engulfed by this great feeling of euphoria. And each time I leave, I'm overwhelmed by this heartrending feeling of sadness. Yet, despite all the time and distance apart from home, I'm amazed how these "tight ties" have not loosened whatsoever.

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