that boy

December 31, 2010
By VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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I’m here sitting here
Thinking over and over
How much time I wasted lying to myself
That he will come back to me

Oh, boy... I was wrong
When I laid my eyes in to his
Here and there
When he’s with another girl

As tears welled up inside
When I saw him laughing and smiling
With her

I couldn’t bear to hide
The tears inside
My strength weakened
Of seeing them together

As I walked away

With what’s left inside of me
Letting you go

All the memories that should have faded
Is right under my skin

Where it held a river
That I cried to get myself over you
To move on but you were my world

I never let anyone come close to
Where you were
In my heart

When I was locked onto the past
When I was yours
And you were mine

I was still holding on until I couldn’t anymore
It’s been three years since I last kissed you
You were that boy who captivated me
And you were that boy who lost me in a circle

Until this very day
When you were just a boy
Not a chance of hope of love again

The author's comments:
for my first love<3 toook me for a while but i moved on. n whomever fell in love n took forever to move on, please never forget the journey dat made you realize time is the key n patience

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