December 30, 2010
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Be careful breaking her fourth wall
It’s dangerous to
Through cracks
An unobscured view of reality is not
Or free
It’s knowing that some things are just because they are
And that some things never will be
Breaking the fourth wall is like
A person who tries to read the fine print of a legal contract
Without their glasses
Suddenly things just aren’t crystal clear
And breaking the fourth wall is beginning to do
Because nobody bothered to answer the e-mail to which you attached your prayers
Breaking the fourth wall is like
Rearranging the
Puzzle pieces so that they
Fit together
Rather that just being
It’s like
Ringing all the
Bells in sight out of
Because no one listened when you just used your voice
It’s a choice
It’s like
Crying in the hallway when no one cares enough to just stop and say
Are you okay?
So be careful when breaking her fourth wall
There’s a reason houses aren’t built with just three
You see
It ruins their structural
And you may find
That by hammering down the walls of her mind
Yours too begin to crack
Look back
Breaking the fourth wall is realizing that
Are just horses with plastic horns

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