Valley of Fire

January 2, 2011
I see his face
Glowing like a crystallized diamond across a landscape of flames and fire
He calls to me to make my way across the fame.
I touch the fire and it seers my skin
The smell of burning flesh exploding into the air like a black napalm bomb
I feel a sudden scream roll up from my lungs and into my throat
I swallow it, forcing it back down
The pain only stay for a moment, but it plays over and over in my mind like a ghost caught on replay
The pain leaves me
My hand is empty and numb
I feel flames gallop through my clothes eating away at my skin like starving termites.
I want to scream but don’t
The vision of him in the distance numbs the rest of my writhing, anguished senses.
He was hovering on the other side of a barrier of red flames that glittered like ruby’s and black smoke as dark and as endless as an onyx ring.
He cried out to me again destroying any hesitation I once had
Flesh gone, muscle and bone melting
I keep my strides confident and steady
He screams for me again
My stride transforming into a fearful run like a Gesell
He was getting farther,
His voice growing distant as I drew closer
As I run the red flames blend together and turn white
The once hellfire I saw and felt disappears
I run faster eating up the space like a starving child
My mind tells me to stop,
But as I see his face again the fire in my belly reignites
And I keep running across this endless valley of white hot fire called living
To reach the one I call love

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