What is Love?

January 2, 2011
By corruptedyng BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
corruptedyng BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Live Longer, Love Stronger, Laugh Harder

Love is Energy
It’s never destroyed just transformed into something else
Love is Tight Pants
It can chaff sometimes
Love is Fire
It burns and grows as it is feed
Love is Music
It can mean whatever you want it too

Love is a Pencil
If needed it can clean up after it self
Love is a Fairy tale
Sometimes there is a happy ending
Love is a Movie
Everyone comments even if they don't know what's going on
Love is Fury
It’s fast and blind

Love is Rage
It’s all consuming and can be endless
Love is Water
Ever-flowing and free
Love is Exercising
Its nasty sometimes but you always get something out of it
Love is Air
It's needed for all life to bloom

Love is Rain
It can either drizzle or can drop from the sky like blazing stars
Love is War
It’s always fought for even when it shouldn't be
Love is Talking
Sometimes you stumble
Love is Wind
Ever-changing and unstoppable

Love is Earth
It sustains and nourishes
Love is Stone
Ever-steadfast, yet can be crushed with enough force
Love is Thunder
Strong and Vocal
Love is a Delta
Just one small part of a larger ocean

Love is Food
It can help or kill
Love is Lightening
It can end in a moment
Love is a Viper
It surrounds u and clings you tight
Love is Poison
It infects you and slowly drains you

Love is the Moon
Ever-shifting but always staying the same
Love is a Jacket
It can keep you warm or fail you
Love is the Sun
It burns bright for millennia than dies and is reborn into something else
Love is Eyes
It’s a window into the soul

Love is, well how can one define love?

No one can
Love just is

The author's comments:
A bad break up, enough said.

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