Walk the Line to Forever

December 12, 2010
By kristindelise BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
kristindelise BRONZE, New Orleans, Louisiana
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Words are slightly spoken,

I can feel the tension.

Tonight won't end well

only in dissension.

I sit here waiting for you to drive up

praying things will quickly blow off.

But I open the door and you come in,

the silence never ceases to win.

Assumptions and questions fill my head

and as I reveal them,

you lower your head.

Denying everything with such a passion,

you see it in my eyes- I have no satisfaction.

My heart is beating

and it's getting harder to breathe.

I say aloud "I do not believe."

Through anger and ignorance,

you grab the keys to your car

walk past my family,

you plan on going far.

I find myself chasing

after your trail,

until I reach the driveway

and see you already set sail.

Hearing the door slam,

my heart stops beating

the sound of your screeching tires

make me feel like screaming.

I run past my parents

watching their faces fill with confusion,

enter my room

and suddenly feel my highest emotions.

With my face in a pillow

and my heart on my sleeve,

I feel as numb as a girl could ever be.

But soon the tears stop flowing,

and my anger calms down

I just lie there thoughtless

free of pain somehow.

I shut my eyes

and the next thing I know,

the morning arrived

but I still feel low.

Your name appears on my phone.

You reassure me you've changed

but your voice is the same tone.

Through the cycles and the circles,

we just go round and round.

Still we always end

with the same loving sound.

This time is the last,

so take your chance now.

I'm starting a straight line

Can you try to walk it now?

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