refuse to say goodbye

December 11, 2010
I refuse to say goodbye
I wont let go of all the memories
There in my head for good there never going to fade...
You have been in my life since birth
My first word was dad
I refuse to say goodbye
No cancer is going to separate me from you, my father
Your not going any were
My one and only father
I remember when you told me you would stay with me forever
Forever doesn't have a good end
I refuse to say goodbye
My dad, My friend, My teddy bear and hero to the rescue
Always there to kiss my wounds
Forever my tissue to wipe my tears
My teacher to help me with school
I refuse to say goodbye
You read me my first book
Were there for my first day of kindergarden
Bought my my easy bake oven
You ran with me at the park
My 6th grade graduation
My first day of Middle school
My middle school graduation
All the memories will never fade
Gave me so much advice
I cant possibly see my life the same without you in it
I refuse to say goodbye to you dad
I will be by your side helping you through all the cancer therapy until the doctor says you are cancer free
I love you so much dad I refuse to let go of you

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