I Wish I Were A Star

December 11, 2010
By Anonymous

Casting glances at the stars,
wondering where theyve been.
And envying their every move,
more spontaneuos than the last.
Bursting with fire and passion,
and gleaming its beautiful streaks of light throughout the world.
As it becomes a shooting star,
people stop to admire it.
They stop to wish,
and hope for the light of a new day.
And even as they are dying out,
they keep going,
until the fire cant fuel their desires any longer.
I wish I were a star,
making my life simple and concrete.
I would experience love and lust,
and never subject myself to the pain of not knowing.
The pain of being secluded because of the fear I must bear.
I wish I were a star,
and maybe then I wouldnt be scared.
Scared of death,
scared of loss,
scared of feeling something more powerful than man kind has thought to overcome.
I wish I were a star,
maybe then,
and only then,
could I love.

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