Little Social Butterfly

December 11, 2010
By emc945 BRONZE, Oakland, California
emc945 BRONZE, Oakland, California
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Little social butterfly seems to have it all
We see the flowery bed she seems to fill,
We see a twinkle in her eye
But hidden deep inside, she’s in a darker place

For underneath the buds of beauty
Are tearstains on the pillow
Footsteps down the hall
All pain locked behind the bedroom door

Little social butterfly
Closes her tear-filled eyes
Replaced with a smile to blanket the pain
She doesn't like to be abused, to have them break her wings
But when asked if everything is ok
She nods and goes on pretending

Little Social butterfly
Doesn’t know how to wake up from this nightmare
She screams… but no one hears it
Can you hear the whispered scream?

This girl seems to have it all, little social butterfly

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