No Turning Back

December 30, 2010
By computrfreak10 SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
computrfreak10 SILVER, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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I'm trapped
There's no possible way to get out
And it's not just mentally anymore,
It's physically too.
The pea-green walls are closing in on me.
I'm suffocating.
I'm in open air,
But I can't catch my breath.
One may think of this as a hotel,
But it's a prison
A prison hiding under the name of "hospital".
I hate that word.
So much.
People don't realize just how much.
It's a death trap,
Looking completely friendly on the outside,
But once one breaches the outer wall,
The inside becomes clear.
They'll hold you 'til you die,
And then you emerge a zombie,
Forever doomed to walk this planet,
With no hope of ever turning back...

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