A Lost Soul

December 30, 2010
By Lopez1516 SILVER, Little River, South Carolina
Lopez1516 SILVER, Little River, South Carolina
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"When you live forever what do you live for"?

I'm searching, for what is unknown to me. All I feel is the cold air around me as I walk alone.

A lost soul they call me, but I never stayed long enough to prove them wrong. Looking, wondering, a nomad in my world. Their eyes search me and try to defy but they come up empty. 

In the air around me I am nothing but inside I'm too much.
Always  filled with thoughts, always filled with longing.
These memories don't  belong to me, they also burned in the fire. The fire inside me screeching to escape and be un-leashed.

I put my arms around my chest to hold myself together but people think it's because of the chilly  night. I have tears in my eyes, but people believe the wind makes them burn. No one knows, no one listens. Inside I'm a lost soul, searching for something, just out of my reach. I'll walk until the end of the road, where the fire will consume me and in ashes I will end

The author's comments:
It shows a girl who feels lost inside but people try to ignore her pain by making up excuses for her. They don't try to help her, but instead act like nothing is wrong.

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