Book in my head

December 30, 2010
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i got a book in my head and its read carefully
and i write the words on paper
sometimes i cant sleep because theres so much running through my mind like a spirl of fantsasy
and i see so much sometimes i run and hide and cry but i wake up and i sigh from relief
but for a breif second i think im finaly goin dicover the mystery of death
then why was i scared?
truthfuly death would be the biggest relief rite?
the book in my head will never die even if i do it goes on forever
but it will never leave me because I'm never going to die
i spy something in my eye something shinning so beautiful it keeps me rhyming
its a girl i knew and she knows to so give me the diamond from heaven love
You check out the book in my head anytime you like
your always on my mind love

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