Pity You

December 30, 2010
you look down at me?
You, with your heated steering wheels
and bottomless pockets
and plastic Christmas trees that you spray with Pine Fresh
and fancy cheeses on crackers
you, with your automatic windows
automatic sinks
automatic everything
and everything delivered right to your front door
so you don't have to brave the cold
you think you are so superior
you raise your eyebrows at the crack in the windshield
and my homemade presents
and how you need to use the pliers
to change the thermostat
at least we have heat
I should pity you
for being so materialistic
to think that you are above me
because of your fancy gadgets
and your fake things
you think I am a charity case
that I long for the comforts that you take for granted every day
you think I envy you
you are so wrong
because I get to experience things for real
not have everything handed to me
on a silver platter
you may think you're privileged
but I think I am luckier
not to be blinded
by the consumerism that devours our society
I pity you

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