I know im different

December 30, 2010
By Mr-solo GOLD, Raleigh, North Carolina
Mr-solo GOLD, Raleigh, North Carolina
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i know I'm different but to me that's special
never want to be the same as all
I trip i float in the sky everyone else just falls
I'm in the sky but cant fly
one day i will even if i have to die
i try and try to be me
I'm walking and people stare
they say hes weird but i smile
maybe they don't and I'm just paranoid
but i never get annoyed when i think they are
iv been different since the start maybe i was born on mars
but defiantly out of this world
i don't look at girls derogatory like other guys I'm different
i look in her eyes not at her chest like the rest
so i know my poem not the best
but when you ponder and wonder forget the negative and close your eyes and think and just say I'm different

The author's comments:
I'm finding out who i am.

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