A single Rose

December 30, 2010
By lilly007 GOLD, Salem, Oregon
lilly007 GOLD, Salem, Oregon
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Remember that Valentines Day
We had been together for a year
I was expecting a dozen roses or chocolate or both
But all you gave me was a single rose
I was mad, yelled at you, called you a name
You ran away crying
I called you that night
You never answered
Your parents called me
It was 2:00Am
“Where’s Robert” they asked
They said something about a phone call
There was disparity in their voice
I…I thought he was with you, I stammered
I drove all over looking for you
Your parents did the same
We never found you
Your parents blamed me
I did the same
We were shocked at who found you
The fishermen at the docks
Who we used to tease
Saw your body floating past
They dialed 9-1-1
You were dead and drunk as a sailor
I the graveyard lay’s a tombstone
It says beloved son, brother, husband, and father-to-be
Even though my daughter never knew you
She will always know that on your tombstone lies
That single rose

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