The final exhortation of a thanksgiving turkey This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

November 22, 2010
Be strong my brethren!
Ready yourselves, stand firm

For we are faced with war
War on our kind

A war we have been losing.

Our enemy is known
He slaughters us boldly
Taking our hens and our chicks

To eat!

Our flocks he massacres
Our feathers he plucks
Our flesh he butchers
Our bones he takes

To wish on!

He is man
Man who so cruelly
Dismembers our kin

And for what?

For feast and celebration?
To give thanks for life
By taking ours?

Every year!

Thousands die
At the hands of man
In the awful death camps
He calls farms.

So be not submissive
To the will
Of man!

You must stand
You must fight!

When he tries to herd you
To your death
Give his eyes a
Spiteful peck

Use your feet
To scratch
His skin

And tear His flesh!

But if you are not
As bold as this

Make sure they kill you
when you are sick
Infect his belly
With a vengeful

Fatten yourselves
Live good lives

And hope
No pray

To be smothered
In butter

So you clog
His arteries

Do what you can
To give him

His last thanksgiving

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