November 19, 2010
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I love you.
how could three small words have so much meaning? And everyone in the world wants to experience this feeling.
What is love?
How does it feel?
And why do people make it such a big deal?
Before i met you love didn't exsist.
I got to know you and thought it was all a mist.
Soon the mist came clear.
Thats when i came upon fear.
Why did i fall in love?
When the end was getting near?
You're going away to live your life, so should i just wait four years to get you back?
Or move on with no contact?
If i wait will our love be the same?
Or will it fade away?
So many questions and some can't be solved.
And all i want is for our love to evolve, into something bigger and new because in my heart i will always love you.

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