December 21, 2010
By stainedglassmasquerade BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
stainedglassmasquerade BRONZE, Raleigh, North Carolina
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We're juniors this year. Working hard everyday.
Going to school, taking those tests, striving hard for straight A's.
Studying all year long, Gotta pass the SAT.
Learn this rhyme to know your words and you'll be care-free!

Memorize your vocabulary, it's easy to do.
It will abet your grade, add an extra hundred points or two!
To benevolent test makers are superb and kind.
The questions are fair. Don't let the vocab leave you blind.

We've exposed the falseness and debunked the lies.
A great score is accessible, you can do it. All you have to do is try.
We all abhor the exam, we hate it for sure.
But use this helpful rhymes and your worries will be cured.

Accentuate means to highlight, to stress important things.
Like they do in football films, pay attention second strings.
Don't abort this lesson quite yet, you're just starting to learn.
Giving up is simple, but the consequences will bring concern.

Please adhere, just stick it out.
You'll recieve the praise and dulation you deserve without a doubt.
A blemish is an imperfection, a flaw that can be seen.
But with this study method your grade's complexion will be clean.

Circumvent the questions, get around all the fluff.
Ignore the extra information and call them on their bluff.
Be cognizant and aware, the questions can be tricky.
Be compliant. Adapt to what they want and you'll make it through quickly.

Take this conciliatory gesture, it's just a friendly aid.
Be deliberate and intentional or your vocab knowledge will fade.
This rhyme may be cheesy or seem a tad bit foolish,
But I just aced my SAT and your score needs some polish.

The author's comments:
This was written for an English class assignment. We were told to write a song/rap/poem using at least 15 of our SAT words. We had to use context clues to give the meaning of the SAT word. It's kinda lame, but I thought it was fun.

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