Broken Path

December 21, 2010
By GirlWithThePoems...x SILVER, Rugby, Other
GirlWithThePoems...x SILVER, Rugby, Other
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Favorite Quote:
look beyond the box that we hide in.

When you walk,
Down that broken path,
You wonder,
Whether you will ever make it back,
Slipping through the cracks,
And falling down the holes,
Seeming misfortunes,
As the adventure unfolds,
Continuously missing,
The easiest opportunities,
Always thinking,
Will you ever find the magic keys,

Your future,
Will it have you in it,
Or a soulless skeleton,
To replace,

Emotions and thoughts,
Completely subsided,
Whilst your body glides around,
Dragging it’s heart,
As it passes,
Old, happy companions.

The author's comments:
Making decisions, and will those we cannot comeback from, make us soul less or just stronger.

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