Little Sarah

December 21, 2010
By roni_loves_penguins BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
roni_loves_penguins BRONZE, Topeka, Kansas
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I was for you
Little Sarah
That one morning
Of Christmas.

I’m sorry I
Never was the doll
That called you

Though I tried
Little Sarah
To make you smile,
To make you happy

I’m sorry I
Could not make you
Forget the screams,
The fights

And you cried
Little Sarah
Into my white,
Tickling fur

I’m sorry I
Couldn’t say
Reassuring and comforting

But you played
Little Sarah
With me, mostly
In the garden

I’m sorry I
Carried in dust
And ruined your
Summer dress

And you grew
Little Sarah
Into a beautiful
Young lady

I’m sorry I
Ended up lost
In a dark corner
In your closet

Then your mother found me
Little Sarah
And placed me
In an old shoebox

I’m sorry I
Drifted off to
Sleep, waiting for
Your return

And you touched me
Little Sarah
And your wrinkled face
Brightened in joy

“I’m sorry, old friend,”
You said, "For I have
Forgotten you for a
And you kissed me
Little Sarah
On my stained
Furry head

“I’m sorry, old friend,”
You said, “For I regret
Not making more memories
For us.”

Then you picked me up
Little Sarah
And bones creaked
As we lay together in your bed

“I’m sorry, old friend,”
You said, “For it is
My time to go and greet Him.
And I would enjoy your presence.”

That was all right
Little Sarah
Because I was for you

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a class of mine, and it was entirely by accident. We had to pick out a photo to write a poem on, and my picture was of a white teddy bear in a shoebox-sized box in the forest. The grass around the box was darkened, so it emphasized the whiteness of the bear, and it took me a couple of tries to get a poem I had liked. I was slightly unconfident about it, but, as my teacher read it, tears filled her eyes and almost spilled down her cheeks. I felt bad at first; however, it proved that I did a pretty good job.

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